Jesuits in the North East
The Jesuit were the first missionaries to set foot in the North East of India. In 1626 two Jesuits, Father Stephen Cacella S.J and Brother John Cabral S.J landed in Assam on their way to Tibet. From 1915 the Jesuits from Bengal Mission were looking after the church in the North East for some years when the German Missionaries had to leave because of the first world war. In 1970, the three Jesuits from Karnataka Province, Fr. Ligoury Castelino S.J, Fr. Stany Coelho S.J and Bro. Raymond D’ Souza ( Now Fr. Raymond) came to Kohima at the invitation of the Archbishop Hubert D’ Rosario. Later, some Jesuits from Kerela Province came to work in Mizoram for a few years. On 31st July 1970 they began the first institution in Jakhama, about 15km south of Kohima, to work among the Southern Angami Tribe. From here the Jesuits ventured to other places in Nagaland, Manipur and Assam. At present (2000), there are 81 Jesuits belonging to Kohima Jesuit Region which includes all the seven State of North East


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